Pre-wash-cut Vegetable

Top quality and food safety go hand in hand. From seed to soil, from picking to packing, we take every step to ensure our products are the best in which are certified as Premium vegetables. We are specialized in various kinds of vegetables, our varieties are such as:

Leafy Vegetables: Guangdong Flowering cabbage、Chinese Kale、Lettuce、Green Sprout、White Cabbage (Large)、White Cabbage (Small)、Chinese spinach、Mustard、Spinach、Broccoli、European Celery、Chinese Celery、Sweet potato-green leaves etc.
Root Vegetables: Potato、 Onion、Carrot、Radish、Sweet potato、Lotus、Taros、Ginger、Spring Onion etc.
Fruit Vegetables: Tomato、Capsicum、Snow Pea、Sweet pea、String bean、Eggplant etc.
Cucumber: Wax gourd、Green cucumber、Bitter gourd、Silky gourd、Zucchini etc.