Vision & Mission

Market Trend

Due to rapid economic growth and rising living standard, consumer need & consumption in China have come to new era. After entering WTO, China has to open the Agriculture market. Without advancement and innovation, Traditional farmers will be eliminated in a globalized economy.

Revolution in Farming

“Hong Kang” serves the community with professionalism and efficiency in providing premium produces and integrated services. Affiliated-members practice farming according to the protocol & guidance laid down by “Hong Kong”, all produce will be processed & distributed via our centre.

  1. Plantation Centre
    In 2005, Hong Kang set up the first Ecological Organic Farm in YongXiu Xian, JiangXi Province, China. In phase one, the plantation centre covers a field of 1,500mu, which is equivalent to about one million square meters. In 2007, the plantation site is to be expanded to 5,000mu through BEL Agricultural Association scheme.
  2. Processing Centre
    After sorting and washing, pre-chilled crops will be sent to the packaging section of Processing Centre. Only qualified products are packed and labeled as harmless and quality produce, and then put in our cold storage or warehouse for scheduled shipment.
  3. Testing Centre
    Our farm is equipped with laboratory to provide integrated services such as detailed analysis of water and soil, bacteria count, pesticide residues, heavy metal content, nutrition value report and produce texture report. Our service capacity is large enough even to cover the surrounding 5,000mu of farmlands. With strict quality control, we can ensure products are up to international standards. The testing service capacity is large enough to cover the surrounding 5,000mu of farmlands.
  4. Premium Product
    Top quality and food safety go hand in hand. From seed to soil, from picking to packing, we take every step to ensure our products are the best in which are certified as Premium vegetables.

“Quality & Safety Produce”, the Symbol of BEL Products