Plantation Centre

There are Organic and Conventional vegetables supplied by BEL, the organic vegetables had successfully obtained the National and International Organic Certification, and the production of our conventional vegetables is mainly implemented by organic farming With well-planned, implemented and controlled by our experienced administrators, BEL had achieved the Certificate of International organization Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), accredited by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP)


  1. Plowing & Digging of field
  2. Ditch, building seedling nursery, fertilize
  3. Cultivation centre, for Nurturing seedlings
  4. Transplant seedlings to Field or Greenhouse
  5. Auto spray/sprinkling irrigation with control of water quantity, top dressing
  6. Crop harvesting
Crop harvesting
Plowing & Digging of field
Crop harvesting

Featured Techniques

  1. Selection of Seed : Varieties with better capability in pest control, disease prevent & high temperature
  2. Cultivation of Seedling : Picks only the qualified seedlings for transplanting
  3. Fertilizer : All Organic fertilizer, except top dressing for Non-organic vegetables, small amount agrochemical fertilizer might be used
  4. Pest Control & : Prevention the First : Pest control light, insect net, attractant and supported with organic pesticides, bio-chemical pesticides & bacterial agents when needs
  5. Field Conservation :
    • Crop Rotation : Alternating crops grown in each field, soil is naturally replenished.
    • Green Manure : Green manures from crop rotation, different plants contribute varying nutrients to the soil
    • Frozen Soil : Irrigate water into fallow fields in cold winter, frozen soil is the pesticide & sterilizer in nature

Planting & Product Management

  1. Strict sanitation protocols & standards
  2. Numbering of all fields, plots & greenhouses
  3. Planting Records
  4. Harvesting Records
  5. Cold Storage Records
  6. Packaging Log
  7. Transport Tracking Records
  8. Production Reports

Activities Log is under tight control by our management, thus we are able to track the planting date, plot and responsible person of all of our products.

BEL had brought in Koshihikari Rice from Niigata, the prefecture is one of the major rice production areas in Japan, our co-operative Japanese Expert, Mr. Kenichi Ishizuki, introduced us the full Japanese planting technology & facilities. With establishment of central cultivation centre, mechanized transplant rice seedlings and others, the quality and productivity of rice is continuously raising up. Meanwhile, our staffs are selected and trained in advanced techniques, and Mr. Ishizuki oversees every aspects of planting to ensure BEL Rice has the same quality as the origin, the“Japanese Royal Staple Food”.

Planting Procedure

  1. Fields are leveled off by leveller
  2. Nurturing seedlings
  3. Fertilize & Irrigation
  4. Mechanized transplant seedlings
  5. Top dressing & quantity control of water
  6. Pest control & Plant disease prevention
  7. Mechanized harvesting
  8. Picks & Storage of fine seeds

Technology of Japanese Planting Rice, central cultivation centre as core, together with modernized facilities & professional management.

Mechanized transplant seedlings