Processing Centre

From harvesting to packing for sale, we have to oversee and control every shift of processing, to ensure all our products are safe & qualified; exporting vegetables even needs to be approved by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the PRC (AQSIQ), BEL is the First Vegetable Exporter in Jiujiang, JiangXi Province, China.


  1. Field Supervisor defines the maturity of vegetables & achievement of quality standards before harvesting
  2. Once at our Receiving dock, only those vegetables passed inspection are accepted & be weighed.
  3. Vegetables are vacuum refrigerated at the shortest time
  4. Put into our cold warehouse, the cold chain will then never broken
  5. Quality checking before packing
  6. Products are packed & labeled, scheduled for shipment & delivered by our cooler containers
  7. Our drivers will prepare all relevant documents for Custom checking before departure


  1. Production crop record with details of Harvest date, Crop planted, Field/Plot No. or Green House No, etc.
  2. Split production handling and records are made for our Organic & Conventional products
  3. Organic products are labeled with Certification label & Batch number
  4. Conventional products are labeled with Batch number for tracking purposes
  5. Sampling test & Reports
  6. Apply approval letter for General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the PRC (AQSIQ) to export.
Our Vegetable Processing Plant is accredited by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) etc., formed by Initial processing plant, Deep processing plant and the Cold warehouse, the whole line undergoes a throughout sanitation program daily, all staffs are trained in this general practice and Sanitary ID must be granted for entering such areas.

Processing Plant

  1. Initial Processing : Crops are temporarily stored at this point for peeling and cutting as well as pre-wash
  2. Deep Processing : Sterile processing plant. Every staff must finish disinfection process before entering, wear sterilized uniform; boots; hat; mask & gloves while working. All equipments and vessels are sterilized also. Series of process carry out sorting & washing, sterilization, fresh keeping, vacuum, drying, packing, metal detecting and quality checking etc., qualified products will be placed directly in cold warehouse, be packed in cartons and scheduled for shipment.

Flow of Processing

  1. Raw crops temporary store
  2. Initial processing : peeling and cutting; sorting & pre-wash
  3. Immersed in pool and washed thoroughly
  4. Vegetables be conveyed straight to Deep processing plant for Ozone Disinfection
  5. Disinfected vegetables be arranged for fresh keeping
  6. Remove moisture content & excess water by vacuum dryer &/air flow drier
  7. Classified, weighing & packing
  8. Packaging is upon clients’request, such as aerated package & box sealed with helium foil
  9. Metal detecting
  10. Quality checking, Sampling tests and packed in cartons